Are you planning a renovation or a new build? If you have a plan in mind and a budget to work with come in to Arborg Home Hardware to discuss them with our professionals. With our drafting service we can provide the drawings and blueprints you will need to qualify for building permits. Services available at Arborg Home Hardware include:

Exterior Elevations - These drawings of the exterior of your building will help you see how the home will look after a renovation or new build is complete. Included in the exterior elevations are window and doors, exterior finishes, deck location and lot grading

Floor Plans - Show the structure of the home or addition. Included in the floor plans are location and dimensions of rooms, doors and windows, cabinetry any special ceiling details. Location and dimensions of staircases and fireplaces if required will also be shown in the floor plan.

Foundation Plans - A Foundation plan is required even if you choose to include a basement in your home. The foundation plan show all walls, telepost and beam locations, plumbing information as well as foundation steps.

Cross Sections - Used to show the exact height and construction of the roof, foundation, floors and walls of your home.

Roof Plans - Designed to showcase the overall roof layout including pitches, drainage solutions, overhang and fascia specs.

Building Specifications - Details on all of the materials that will be used in the construction or renovation of the home.

Lighting and Electrical Plans - Maps out the location of outlets, switches and lights for both the exterior and interior of the house.