Looking for a quality building to store your farm equipment, park your boat & RV, your antique car collection, or anything else needing a roof? Arborg Home Hardware Building Centre offers a wide variety of quality building designs to accommodate your every need.
For building on cement pad, we can come build on the cement pad you have prepared for the shed, or we can take care of the cement pad, including the excavation and backfill. Come see us to discuss your needs, and our team will assist you with designing the shed according to your needs.
For more economical storage, Pole Sheds offer a great alternative to concrete floors. We will take care of the whole project for you, including drilling post holes, backfilling holes and floor with crushed rock.

Whether you need your building on a concrete pad or gravel base, we make this an easy and stress-free experience for you with our team of experienced & professional builders. We can secure all required permits and inspections, offering you peace of mind.